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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flying with the Birds - the Agamon Hula Park

Israel is a major international bird migration area. Around 500 million birds migrate across this country twice a year using the Dead Sea Rift Valley as a navigation aid. Waterfowl, birds of prey and song birds from 390 different species make their way from Europe to Africa in the winter returning in the summer, stopping to refuel along the way at the Agamon Hula Park situated in the heart of the Hula Valley.

One of the main problems caused by the large volume of birds is damage to agricultural land. In order to overcome this the birds are fed corn to divert their attention from the local produce without causing harm to the birds themselves.

Last week I had the pleasure of viewing some of the 30,000 cranes who had dropped in for their seasonal visit which began last October. I joined a group of tour guides on a tractor-drawn hide which entered deep into the special bird area during feeding time. Oblivious to our presence, the birds swooped on the food and provided us with a breathtaking show.

The Agamon is open all the year round. Here one can see not only birds but also water buffalo, take part in a bird banding workshop and enjoy the unique flora and fauna of the area.  The 5 mile trail encircling the Agamon Hula can be experienced on foot, bike, multi-passenger vehicle or club cart. Fun for all ages!

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  1. I am a bird enthusiast and the Hula sounds like it provides a wonderful opportunity for enjoying the migrating birds! thank you for this tip!
    Amy Kronish